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welcome to our SIARGAO diy travel GUIDE. In this post you’ll find crucial travel information about Siargao and surrounding islands including hotel and excursion recommendations, sample itinerary, and breakdown of expenses. take pleasure in reading!

The huge waves look ominous the first time you see it.

I asked my boatman, Jojo, what I’m seeing. Is that turbulent area dangerous? Is it inaccessible to fishers and swimmers? must I, um, tighten my life jacket?

He chuckled. “Oh, that,” he said in a voice that suggested he’s had this conversation lots of times before. “Those are the Cloud 9 waves. Surfers love those.”

And then it hit me like ’em big kahunas: this is Siargao, Glenn. There are meant to be waves.

While the uninitiated like me may feel uneasy, for the people of who call Siargao home, these waves are the most familiar thing. As the name implies, it’s their piece of heaven.

Hvad er dækket i denne vejledning?

WHERE TO stay IN SIARGAOTop Siargao Resorts and Inns
Top Siargao Hostels
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HOW TO get TO SIARGAO ISLANDBy AirBook cheap Siargao Flights Here!

By Ferry

SIARGAO airport TO general LUNABy Van
By Motorbike (Habal-habal)
By Multi-cab

HOW TO get around general LUNA
THINGS TO do in SIARGAOSiargao Land Tour
3 Islands Tour
Sohoton Cove (Bucas Grande Island)
Cloud 9 Boardwalk
Secret Spot

SAMPLE SIARGAO ITINERARYItinerary A: convenient (Party of 2)
Itinerary B: diy budget (Group of 4)

FREQUENTLY ASKED questions about SIARGAOIs Siargao safe?
When is the best time to visit Siargao?
Are there ATMs in Siargao?
What is the power plug / socket used in Siargao?

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Siargao is an island located off the northeastern coast of Mindanao. It is within the jurisdiction of Surigao Del Norte province, and composed of nine municipalities: Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, general Luna, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Santa Monica and Socorro. around the main island are smaller islands, included as part of the Siargao Group.

Siargao is known today as a surfing mecca, a place where thrill-seekers the world over gather to ride the waves. For the local population, however, Siargao is their simple, non-assuming hometown, with huge swaths of coconut farms, thick mangroves, and secluded coves. If it’s your first time here, it’s hard to neglect the contrast between the adventuring, wide-eyed tourists and the simple, stoic ways of the locals. case in point: me and Jojo.

The island is a relatively sheltered surfing destination until around the early 2010s, when word of the island’s majestic waves exploded in the surfing world. Today, surfing culture is pretty much a staple in the island. This is particularly true in general Luna, where the island’s best waves can be found.

Daku Island
More info about Siargao Island:

Language: Surigaonon is the dominant language, but Tagalog, Cebuano, and English are widely understood and spoken.

Time zone: UTC+8 (Philippine standard Time). same time as Singapore and Malaysia; one hour behind Japan.

Currency: Philippine peso (PHP, ₱). PHP 100 is around USD 1.85, EUR 1.60, or SGD 2.55 (as of October 2018).

Mode of payment: cash preferred. large establishments often accept credit scores cards.


You’ll never run out of options when it pertains to accommodations in Siargao. The island attracts tourists within the full spectrum of budget preferences. Whatever your own budget is, there is a hotel, hostel, or resort to fit your needs.

If you’re trying to find a place that’s close to surfing sports and other major attractions, we highly suggest that you book a place within general Luna, somewhere along tourism Road. here a lot of attractions like the Cloud nine and Quicksilver surfing camps, Mama’s Grill, and the general Luna public market, are just a habal-habal ride away.

Top Siargao Resorts and Inns

On our recent trip, we stayed at La Luna Island resort and had an amazing time. Its rooms are spacious, beds huge, and location excellent, close to a large selection of dining spots.

La Luna Island Resort
It’s also one of the best-rated resorts on Agoda, as examined by actual customers. here are some of the top resorts and lodges in the island (not in order).

La Luna Island Resort. check rates & Availability! ✅

LaVillas Homestay. check rates & Availability! ✅

Balay Hayahay. check rates & Availability! ✅

Siargao Island Villas. check rates & Availability! ✅

Lukay resort Siargao. check rates & Availability! ✅

Alpas Siargao. check rates & Availability! ✅

Apsaras Tribe- Siargao. check rates & Availability! ✅

Top Siargao Hostels

Ilakai Hostel. check rates & Availability! ✅

Let’s Gold Hostel(Kanijugan Homestay). check rates & Availability! ✅

Tres Islas Hostel. check rates & Availability! ✅

Search for a lot more Siargao Resorts!HOW TO get TO SIARGAO ISLAND

Med fly

Siargao has its own small yet serviceable airport, named Sayak Airport. traveling by air is the most efficient way to get to the island.

In the past, the normal route (from Manila) is to first take a flight to Cebu City or Surigao City, then take another flight to Siargao. This has changed, however, considering that Siargao airport now uses direct flights to and from Manila, as well as Clark and Davao.

Manila to Siargao: Cebu Pacific and Skyjet

Cebu to Siargao: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines

Clark to Siargao: Philippine Airlines

Davao to Siargao: Philippine Airlines

Surigao City to Siargao: Cebu Pacific

From Manila, it normally takes two hours to get to Siargao (one hour if you fly from Cebu). The fare will vary, with the least expensive average at around PHP 3,000 for Cebu Pacific (non-promo) flights.

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Af færge

You can also get to Siargao by means of Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo) ferries. These ferries leave to and from Surigao City. The main seaport in the island is located in the municipality of Dapa. boat and ferry rates vary, between PHP 200-300.

SIARGAO airport TO general LUNA

By Van

Most of the hustle and bustle occur in the municipality of general Luna. here is where Cloud 9, Quicksilver and other surfing camps are located. lots of hotels, resorts and restaurants are also found here.

Sayak Airport, however, is located in another municipality, in Del Carmen. To get to general Luna, head outside the airport, where vans for rent are parked. traveling by van is your fastest and least expensive option to get to general Luna, but you may have to share the van with other passengers.

Travel time: 45 minutes
Fare: PHP 300

Af motorcykel (habal-habal)

If you’re feeling adventurous, or you’d like to travel privately, you can get to general Luna on a motorcycle, either by means of habal-habal (hired motorcycles), or for-rent motorbikes you operate yourself. These are also available outside the airport. Of course, if you have lots of luggage with you, this isn’t a viable option. Or maybe it is, supplied you have very dextrous teeth.

Habal-habal fare: PHP 500
Motorbikes for rent: PHP 500 per day
Travel time: 45 minutes

Ved multi-cab

Another popular form of transport is the multicab, small multi-seater automobiles that look like bonsai trucks. Multicabs have enough space for luggage, and the ride is relatively a lot more comfortable than the two-wheeled options.

Travel time: 45 minutes
Multicabs for rent: starting at PHP 1500

Hvordan man kommer rundt i general Luna

By Habal-habal. The habal-habal motorcycle, a common sight in rural Philippines, takes center stage in Siargao as the primary mode of transportation. These motorcycles bear a quirky design: riding a habal-habal is like riding a car frame on two wheels. getting around on these icons of rural ingenuity is cheap and fast. If you only want to get around general Luna proper, it only costs PHP 20 per ride.

By Tricycle. Tricycle are normally on par with the habal-habals.

By Rented Motorcycle. You can also rent motorbikes for PHP 500 for 24 hours.

På cykel. Bikes cost PHP 150 for 24 hours.

By car Rental. On one of our trips, we have rented a Toyota Avanza for only P3000 per day (24 hours). We’ve seen also seen posters advertising smaller cars for rent for P2500 per day.


Siargao Land Tour

You can explore the main island and see the wonders it keeps in its jagged corners and lush landscapes. here are the normal stops of the land excursion (not in order):

Magpupungko rock Pools. during low tide, the receding coastline reveals rock formations and natural pools best for some leisurely swimming. It’s an all-natural infinity pool, so to speak. entrance fee: P50.

Sugba Lagoon. Within the lagoon is a two-story docking area where you can stay and rent a table for PHP 50. The cool, turquoise waters seem to invite everyone to explore the lagoon’s site, and there’s equipment available to do just that. There are paddle boards, canoes, and snorkeling paraphernalia available onsite for rent. There’s also a diving platform you can use for free. entrance fee: P50.

Coconut mountain View. Siargao is carpeted with nearly limitless rows of coconut trees. It makes exploring the island a lot more fun because of the kicking back green scenery and the various Instagrammable spots along the way.

Maasin River. A picturesque river, especially the spot with the bent coconut tree extending over the river. There’s a rope attached to the tree where you can swing and plunge into the river. The water is about 6-foot deep. entrance fee: P20.

Although I indicated the entrance fees above, these are already included by land tours. The one used by Klook also includes lunch.

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3 øer turné

This excursion follows the three islands nearest general Luna: Guyam Island, Daku Island, and naked Island.

You can do this excursion in two ways: charter a private boat or join a group tour.

If you’re a group, you can go to the wharf and charter a private boat for P1500 – P2000. That’s per boat, not per person. However, this does not include lunch. Fresh fish are available at Daku Island (that you can have the locals cook for you), but if you’re in a tight budget you can always bring your own food. It doesn’t include the additional entrance and docking charges once you set foot on the islands, which are:

Guyam Island: P30 per head

Daku Island: P100 per boat

Naked Island: complimentary of charge.

If you’re traveling alone, you don’t want to deal with finding a boat or preparing food, or you simply want to make friends, we recommend joining a group excursion instead. Klook uses this tour. The price covers the boat fees, all the entrance fees, and a boodle-style lunch buffet.

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Sohoton Cove (Bucas Grande Island)

Sohoton Cove is part of Bucas Grande Islands, an complex network of sensational karst hills and islands that nestle breathtaking lagoons, beaches and even caves. The crystal clear water of some lagoons carry stingless jellyfish, something tourists can swim and interact with if their timing is right. Jellyfish season begins in March but reaches its height in July and August.

Located in Socorro in Surigao del Norte, Sohoton Cove is a bit detached from Siargao but still easily easily accessible if you have the time or money. boat excursions from Siargao cost P3000, but some boatmen and operators merge it with the 3 Islands excursion to create the utmost island hopping adventure. This Sohoton Cove + 3 Islands combination excursion normally costs P4000. If you want to save a lot, find other travelers to split the cost with.

If you’re solo or you don’t want to plan anything, you can join a group excursion instead! A Sohoton + 3 Islands combo excursion is available on Klook!

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Surfing is Siargao’s greatest draw, hands down (and on opposite rails, as the surfing instructor tells us). The island’s picture-perfect waves, the popular “Cloud 9” swell, lure surfers from all corners of the globe. These waves occur along the general Luna coast: the best places to catch them will be the Cloud 9 and Quicksilver surfing camps.

The surfing camps offer surfboard rentals and surfing classes for beginners and intermediates. Beginner surfing classes are at PHP 1000 for 2 hours. That’s enough for about 2 dozen epic wipeouts.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Also located within the Cloud 9 beach is the popular Boardwalk and Tower. This three-story wooden structure, and the promenade that leads to it, greets visitors when they enter the vicinity. It uses an exemplar view of the Cloud 9 beach, the waves, and the Pacific Ocean. You need to shell out PHP 50 for the entrance fee.

Here’s a tip: Make sure you arrive before the break of dawn, as the Tower is an ideal place to catch some breathtaking sunrises.

Hemmelig plet

Siargao has a place locally known as the “Secret Spot” or the “Secret Place”. in contrast to its name, it’s not a heavily guarded secret. rather it’s a place that seldom receives attention compared to other Siargao attractions.

But make no mistake, the place must be high on your Siargao checklist. It has two sides: Doot Beach, a tranquil beachfront with fine, semi-white sand, and the mangrove forest, where you can rent a small paddle boat and explore the floating foliage. It’s out of the way from the general hubbub of the surfing areas, a half-hour’s ride from general Luna proper.


Here are two sample Siargao itineraries, both for a 4-day, 3-night stay. The first version is for a couple who want a a lot more convenient stay, while the other is for a group on a budget. In both itineraries, you are assumed to have P100-150 allowance per meal.

Feel complimentary to adjust depending on your length of stay and budgetary preferences.

Itinerary A: convenient (Party of 2)

This travel plan prioritizes comfort a lot more than savings. It assumes you’re a party of two (2) travelers sharing a twin or double room t

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