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Last year, I talked about exactly how travelers are commonly chasing ghosts. We revisit places, trying to catch that preliminary amazingness we felt while we were there.

And a lot of of the time we end up disappointed.

We go back as well as try to re-create something that can’t be re-created. In a way, we are all like medication addicts, just trying to chase that very first high.

But we can never rather reach it.

After all, it is people who produce our memories — not places.

And so last year I vowed never to chase ghosts. It’s why I’ll never go back to Ko Lipe in Thailand, as well as why I stated I would never go back to the Greek island of Ios.

The memories I made in those locations were as well special, as well as I understood going back wouldn’t be the exact same without the people who were there the very first time around.

Yet right here I am, composing this publish from Ios, a location on my “do not return” list.

Yes, I came back here. however it had nothing to make with chasing the ghosts of travels past.

It was my birthday on June 12. I turned 30. In marking that special day, I wished to go to a location where I understood I might celebrate like I was turning 20.

And I wished to do it on a beach.

I Europa.

There are a number of locations I might have selected (Lagos, Barcelona, Corfu), however I understood Ios would have whatever I wanted.

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to find back. however after a few good friends of mine stated they would come too, I thought, why not? even though I understood I wouldn’t be able to recapture those old memories of Ios, I understood I would still have some fun.

After two weeks here, I’ve altered my mind about last year’s post. You can return to a location as well as still like it.

I’ve had nothing however fun here. The locals kept in mind me. lots of of my good friends from last year returned. I’ve made new friends. I’ve discovered even a lot more about the island. I don’t regret coming back right here at all.

I’ve avoided reviewing a great deal of locations for concern that I’ll “ruin” my preliminary experience there as well as walk away disappointed. For example, in my mind, Ko Lipe is a deserted island where I made lifelong friends.

Going back to a now-developed island teeming with tourists would be something I couldn’t handle.

Det tabte paradis.

But in some cases, you can go back — you just have to go back for different reasons.

This year, I came back to Ios not since I wished to chase that high from last year however since I wished to celebrate my birthday. It’s as basic as that. I didn’t want what I had last year. I wished to celebration as well as sound in my 30th birthday with my friends.

I came right here with a different mindset this time, realizing that what I had last year was unique. It can never be re-created, however that doesn’t indicate I couldn’t come back as well as make new memories.

Years from now, I most likely won’t reminisce about this second trip to Ios like I will the first. Years from now, I most likely won’t be speaking to people from this trip like I will the first. however I came in acknowledging that; I didn’t expect this trip to outshine my first.

Was I chasing ghosts in Ios?

I don’t believe so.

Even though I believe we as humans are wired to hold onto those highs as well as try to re-create them, going back to a location you like doesn’t have to be about chasing ghosts. You can return to a destination as well as just take pleasure in it of what it is — a great place. however if you expect it to be as great as it was that very first time, you will be dissatisfied in what you find. Instead, come expecting nothing.

Just be there to take pleasure in a great location as a great place, having a great time without comparing it to the past.

And you’ll leave your ghosts in the past, where they can never haunt your present again.

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