MANILA airport TO CITY CENTER: NAIA P2P Bus, Taxi and get

The Ninoy Aquino international airport (NAIA), much more typically called Manila airport outside the Philippines, serves the greater Manila area and surrounding provinces. What numerous outsiders refer to as Manila is actually Metro Manila, a cluster of 16 cities and one municipality.

The airport is within this area. It spans two cities — Pasay and Paranaque — in the southern part of the region. It’s not too far away but it feels like it because traffic conditions make travel time a lot longer.

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NAIA Terminals
By P2P Bus
By Grab
Med taxa
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NAIA Terminals

One of the busiest airports in the world, NAIA has been plagued by problems of congestion (among others). It has four commercial passenger terminals.

NAIA terminal 1. used by foreign carriers except All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, KLM, and Singapore Airlines. Some Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights to the middle east also use this.

NAIA terminal 2. used exclusively by Philippine Airlines and buddy Express. (Note that some PAL/PAL express flights operate in other terminals too.)

NAIA terminal 3. used by Cebu Pacific Air (most flights), AirAsia (international), All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air, Emirates, KLM, and Singapore Airlines. buddy express flights operate here too. Some Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flights also use terminal 4.

NAIA terminal 4. aka domestic Terminal. Air Asia (domestic), Skyjet, and a few Cebu Pacific flights use this terminal.

Now, how to get from NAIA to the city center? For locals, where the city center is may be up for debate. but for travelers, the city center many probably refers to either Makati or Manila City, where many traveler attractions are located.

To get out of the airport, you have plenty of options: taxis, buses, and Grab. You might also be approached by those providing private transfer services, but the rates are so infuriatingly high, don’t even bother.

By P2P Bus

The past couple of years saw the launch of P2P buses. Genesis transport operates the buses to Clark (via Resorts world and Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas) and UBE express runs the rest. here are the routes, fares, and operating hours.

There are four routes that are clearly illustrated on this map.

From UBE express official FB page
Operating Hours:

NAIA terminal 1: 8am-11pm, 30 mins interval

NAIA terminal 2: 5am-11pm, 30 mins interval

NAIA terminal 3, available 24 hours, 30 mins interval

The fare is fixed at P150 ($3).

If you’re headed to Clark, ride the Genesis P2P Bus. Fare: P350. much more info about that here: Manila-Clark P2P Bus Schedule

By Grab

NAIA has allowed get cars to pick up passengers within the airport vicinity. get is a ride-sharing app just like Uber. Uber used to operate in the city but their Southeast Asian company was acquired by get in early 2018.

If you’re a group or your hotel/destination is not anywhere close to any P2P stop, this is a good option. This has been a reliable transportation option for numerous travelers and locals alike. Although there’s still price surge every now and then, it is typically safe and convenient.

If you have a smartphone, you can just download the get app and you can charter a taxi or a private car with it. You can pay cash or by credit report card.

GrabTaxi: The taxi uses the meter. You pay the cost displayed on the meter and an additional booking fee, which is displayed on the app at the end of the trip.

GrabCar: You pay the amount displayed on the app at the end of the trip.

Without the price surge/traffic (early morning or around noon), expect to pay between P130 and P170 if your destination is in Makati or Mandaluyong. but if there is surge, it ought to be between P250 and P300, unless the traffic is on a standstill, which can push the price even higher.

Med taxa

There are three types of taxis operating around the airport:

Regular Taxi. The white ones. Flag-down rate: P40, plus P13.50 per kilometer and P2 per minute of waiting. numerous of the taxi units roaming Manila have seen better days, and chauffeurs do not have a sterling reputation. because of the traffic conditions, numerous cab chauffeurs would try to ask for much more pesos on top of the meter.

Airport Taxi. These are the yellow cabs that you’ll see immediately after exiting any of the terminals. hard to miss. These are twice pricier than the regular white cabs, but typically in better condition. The last time I used it, the flag-down rate is P70, plus P4 every 300 meters. but this might have enhanced already. (I’m still trying to find out the new rates.) If your hotel is in Makati, the could would probably be P200-300 ($4-6). If you’re going much farther, say Quezon City, it will set you back around P450 ($9).

Fixed rate Taxi (Coupon Taxi). I haven’t tried this because each time I consider this, I get enraged at the pRices. Der er måske situationer, hvor det giver mening, men jeg ved ikke endnu, så lad os foregive, at dette ikke engang er en mulighed.

Taxaer, der opererer i lufthavnen, er berygtede for svindel. Her er nogle af de svindel, du har brug for at se ud for.

Overpris. Så snart du kommer ud af terminalbygningen, bliver du kontaktet af touts, der leverer taxa eller bilservice. Deres satser er waaaaay for meget, så bare se bort fra dem.

Nægter at bruge måleren. Medmindre du tager en fast rente taxa, skal du altid insistere på at bruge måleren. Nogle taxa -chauffører har en slags menu, der viser billetprisen fra lufthavnen til visse områder i Manila. Nogle af disse prislister ser officielle ud, fordi de bærer logoet for lufthavnsledelsen. Men lad dig ikke narre. Dette er overpris og mange bestemt ulovligt. Hvis taxa -chaufføren fortsætter med at nægte at bruge måleren, skal du gå af og finde en anden.

Nogle taxa -chauffører manipulerer også måleren, så hold øje med den. Igen, for regelmæssige taxaer, er satsen P40 -flagdown plus P13,50 pr. Kilometer og P2 pr. Minut ventetid.

Du kan rapportere disse førerhus til LTFRB ved at ringe til 1342 eller sms’ 0917-550-1342 og 0998-550-1342.

Disse svindel er grunden til, at adskillige lokale bruger i stedet.

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