10 simple KAKANIN RECIPES to try at house

Filipinos are huge consumers of rice. It is an necessary part of our cuisine as well as culture as a whole. We like it so much that a meal isn’t total without it. Out of this like springs different kinds of rice: steamed as well as fried, white as well as brown, fluffy as well as sticky. We can have it for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. however that’s not all. We have likewise discovered a method to sweeten it as well as make a snack or dessert. go into the kakanin.

A kakanin is a rice cake, as well as it is available in many forms. From sapin-sapin to bibingka to put bumbong, right here are some simple as well as quick kakanin recipes on YouTube that you can try at home. most of them are prepared with the utilize of a steamer as well as need very little ingredients.

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Mini Sapin-Sapin
Biko with Latik
Puto Bumbong
Special Bibingka
Puto de Leche
Bibingkang Malagkit na Bigas
Soft Puto Cheese
Peanut Tikoy Roll
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Mini Sapin-Sapin

As a kid, I keep in mind waiting on the peddler’s “potpot” (horn), announcing its arrival. I enjoyed eating sapin-sapin since of its vibrant appearance. made of rice flour as well as coconut milk, this layered sticky or glutinous snack is one of the Filipino favorites. Mortar as well as Pastry channel shares its recipe for sapin-sapin utilizing glutinous rice flour, routine rice flour, sugar, pure coconut milk, condensed milk, be flavor, as well as langka flavor. inspect the description box for the precise measurements as well as other practical tips.

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Biko with Latik

A La Carlene Dishes utilizes glutinous rice, coconut cream, coconut milk, brown sugar, as well as pandan leaves to make her biko or sinukmani. Her version is the most typical type with latik (coconut curd) toppings. You will discover the total details for components as well as the procedure as you watch the video.

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Kutsinta or cuchinta is one more type of rice cake that has a gelatin-like appearance as well as structure as well as usually reddish-brown color. There are different methods to cook kutsinta — some utilize lye water, others do not.

LV simple Cooking‘s version includes lye water. other components are brown sugar, anatto (atsuete) powder, warm water, starch (or tapioca), glutinous flour, as well as flour. Those who avoid lye water (lihia) compensate by utilizing cassava flour (tapioca starch) instead of glutinous flour. partner kutsinta with grated coconut or cheese.

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Palitaw is most likely one of the simplest type of rice cake to make. Its appearance is usually flat as well as oval in shape, however the shape varies like the round ones with yema or ube fillings. Panlasang Pinoy teaches the viewers exactly how to do it. right here are the components you need: glutinous rice flour, water, shredded coconut, white sugar, as well as toasted sesame seeds.

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Puto Bumbong

Puto bumbong is Filipino’s essential kakanin during Christmas. You can still discover them being offered outside the Christmas season however extremely rarely. The purple finger-like steamed glutinous rice strips are slathered with margarine (or butter) as well as sprinkled with sugar as well as grated coconut combi, then covered in banana leaves. Usually, puto bumbong is paired with locally-concocted tea.

Madiskarteng Nanay shows us exactly how we can make it even without the bamboo mold by substituting aluminum foil. The components are simple as well as simple to find: glutinous rice flour, ube flavor, grated coconut, sugar, condensed milk (optional), as well as grated cheese (optional).

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Special Bibingka

Bibingka is one more Christmas essential kakanin. Traditionally, it is cooked in a clay pot lined with a banana leaf on charcoal. It is usually topped with salted egg as well as grated coconut. Savor Easy‘s version utilizes metal molds as well as oven instead of clay pots as well as charcoal. right here are the ingredients: glutinous rice flour, rice flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, as well as melted butter. For the toppings, cheese is optional.

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Puto de Leche

The Spy mom prepares her version of puto de leche in this video. For the leche flan, the components egg yolks, condensed milk, as well as food color (yellow). as well as for the puto base, the components are all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, evaporated milk, egg whites, as well as sugar. She utilizes butter to grease the cup molds, so the completed products won’t stick.

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Bibingkang Malagkit na Bigas

This is one more type of biko or sinukmani, just with ample amount of coconut glaze topping. Kusina ni Romy demonstrates his bibingkang malagkiT na bigas opskrift ved hjælp af glutinøs ris, hvidt sukker, kokosnødmælk samt Pandan Leaf. Til toppings/ruder brugte han kokosmelk såvel som brunt sukker. Det foreslåede beløb pr. Komponent foreslås i beskrivelsesboksen.

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Blød puto -ost

Jane Sakkam leverer sin bløde puto -ostopskrift med disse ingredienser: mel, sukker, bagepulver, smeltet smør, fordampet mælk, æg, vand samt ost. Når du ser videoen, vil du se det nøjagtige beløb, der er nødvendigt pr. Komponent for at få nøjagtigt det samme resultat som hendes.

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Jordnødder tikoy roll

Kusina Ni Lola viser nøjagtigt, hvordan du hurtigt kan reparere dig selv jordnødderuller. Du vil kun kræve glutinøst rismel, hvidt sukker, kondenseret mælk, ristet jord jordnødde (til belægning), jordnøddesmør (til fyldning) samt vand. Målingerne for komponenterne såvel som andre noter/tip er i beskrivelsesboksen.

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